Wine Kingdom

With the booming of e-commerce market, the group grasped the opportunities and became the pioneer entering into the wine e-commerce industry.

The Group believes the sales system of Baijiu industry should be able to adapt to the new business model under the internet era. Thus Silver Base Group started our B2B “Wine Kingdom. Cloud Partnership” platform on 29th May 2016, in order to build a healthier and more sustainable liquor industry ecosystem through better integration of internet achieved by the Group’s B2B platform and traditional channels.

Pinhui001 is an international premium wine online store operated by the Group, under which “Pinhui Super market” targeting B2C market is formed to provide an easy online channel for customers to purchase from a full spectrum of premium alcohol products carried by the Group, including Moutai, Wuliangye, Yongfu Jiangjiu, Yaxi Jiao, Fenjiu, Dimple and other imported liquors.

E-commerce (names not listed in order)


To gear up online sales, the Group has closely cooperated with leading e-commerce platforms in China to expand our online sales to satisfy different customer needs. The Group is also seeking for closer e-commerce partnerships with e-commerce platforms in order to diversify sales channels, attracting more customers and further increase our market share.