France is one of the world’s largest wine producers. Vineyards are packed in different regions like Borbeaux, Burgundy, Champagne, Loire, Alsace, Rhone, Languedoc, etc. As they are scattered all over France, the terrior is so different and this makes it possible for different grape varieties. As a result, wines can be sourced with different styles such as still, sparkling, red, white, single grape, blended, etc. Thanks to the tremendous marketing effort of the French government, French wines are now well-known in the world and the Classified Growth from Bordeaux are appreciated not only by drinkers but collectors also.

Bordeaux Rouge Cuvee Haute Brande 2006

Bordeaux Rouge Cuvee Haute Brande 2006

Gerard Bertrand Corbieres 2008

Gerard Bertrand Languedoc 2008

Hospitalet Grand Vin 2008

Chateau Le Monge 2007

Chateau Laurensanne 2006

Bel Air de Siran 2006

Chateau Siran 2004

Bordeaux Superieur RougeCuvee Saint Jean

Fongaban 2005

Fleur du Chateau Bel-Air 2006

L’ Iris Ch. Laride 2004

Chateau Laride 2004

Louis Picamelot

Chateau Simard 2006