Dimple is the fourth largest blended Deluxe Scotch whisky in the world. This deluxe blend of exceptional distinction is found in the world’s most exclusive bars and elegant restaurants, enjoyed by those who appreciate rare quality. It has always been the selection of whisky connoisseurs and lovers and is the perfect companion in social gathering.

The quality of Dimple is reflected in the spirit of over 350 years of whisky distilling and blending experience. The art and craft of whisky distilling were passed down through generations of the Haig family dynasty. Around 1870, John Haig started to use the newly developed practice of blending. The deep understanding of product and their long tradition of whisky making was realized, to perfection, in the early 1890s with the creation of Dimple.

In recognition of the exceptional quality of Dimple, it was awarded a Gold Medal in 1987 in the Deluxe blended whisky category by the International Wine and Spirits competition. Dimple 12 years old and Dimple 18 years old were awarded a Gold Medal again in 2006 in the International Wine and Spirits competition due to its consistent quality.

Dimple is distinguished for its famous triangular bottle, wrapped in a rainbow wiring. The whisky has been bottled in this attractive triangular bottle since its creation, with the hand-made rainbow wiring mesh originally designed to prevent corking during shipments. To protect its exclusivity, the Pinch bottle was the first bottle to be patented in the United States, in 1958.

Dimple 18 Years

The 18-year Dimple Whisky, is in the deluxe class on its own and a masterpiece. The high level of pureness and oak flavor in this Dimple Whisky, it was awarded “Gold – Best in Class” Medal in the International Wine and Spirit Competition. While the origin

Dimple 15 Years

The 15-year Dimple Whisky makes a difference. The extra pureness and oak flavor defines the 15-year Dimple Whisky as a premium line to the standard 12-year whisky. On the rocks, straight, or even mixed with a certain proportion of water to one’s preferenc

Dimple 12 Years

he 12-year Dimple whisky is a choice of “value for money” in China market and is often mixed with green tea or soda water in southern part of China. Of course, there are more than dozen types of cocktail suitable for using our 12 year Dimple Whisky.