Fenjiu comes from Shanxi Xinghua Cun. It is the classic fresh flavor baijiu in China. By adopting historical and exquisite production technique, Fenjiu has characteristics of soft and very well balance sweetness in the mouth and known worldwide for its unique fresh flavor and long lasting aftertaste. Fenjiu has established a high reputation, loyalty and support by its customers both in China and overseas.

Fenjiu was selected as one of the four national wines since established the People’s Republic of China. It is a national wine with ancient history. It was praised highly by the emperor of Northern and Southern Dynasties 1500 years ago and was recorded in Twenty-four Dynasties History. In 1915, Fenjiu was awarded the Golden Medal at Panama Pacific International Exposition that not only won the glory to China, but also established the leading position in the baijiu industry.

55% Classic Guocang Fen Wine

53% Red Fen Shijia No.1

53% Red Fen Shijia No.9

55% 40-year Qinghua Fen Wine