New Product


New disturburtion right with Guojiu Moutai (Guizhou Renhua) Feitian Moutai baijiu with 53% alcohol content in 500 milliliter bottles


New disturburtion rights with Yibin Wuliangye: a new product exclusive distribution agreement – Wuliangye • Golden Years and renewal of several exclusive distribution agreements – 45% and 68% alcohol content Wuliangye and Yongfu Jiangjiu liquor series




“Zui Xinyi”Wechat Social Gift Card


The Group launched “Zui Xinyi” Wechat Social gift card on Wine Kingdom B2B Platform During Mid-Autumn Festival and the National Holiday in order to enhance platform brand influence.




Credit Suisse China Investment Conference – Baijiu Cocktail Reception


We are honoured to participate Credit Suisse China Investment Conference 2017. The Group provided 2 baijiu cocktails for all the guests by using “Yongfu Jiangjiu” of Wuliangye as the main ingredients.


Chongqing Autumn Confectionary and Liquor Exhibition


The Group launched new product – “Tribute to the 80s” of Wuliangye during the Autumn Confectionary and Liquor Exhibition in Chongqing on 7 November.




20th anniversary celebration of Silver Base Group





On 29th, Silver Base Group has launched a “, Cloud Partnership Platform Conference” and have formally introduced the “, Cloud Partnership Platform” project to the public. The scale of this project will cover 368 major cities, 1,680 major counties.




On 6th,“Wine Kingdom. Cloud Partnership” B2B platform launched in Beijing National Convention Center , there are more than 3,500 business associates participated at the ceremony and the key senior managements of Sichuan Yibin Wuliangye Group, Luzhou Group Co., Ltd., Guizhou Moutai Co.Ltd., Shanxi Xinghua Fen Wine Factory Co., Ltd. and Sichuan Jiannanchun (Group) Co., Ltd.have also participated at the ceremony and expressed their interests in deepening cooperation with the Group in areas of product supply chain and big data analysis generated from “Wine Kingdom. Cloud Partnership” B2B platform.


Silver Base Group introduced its self-managed e-commerce platform “Pinhui 001” at as online image store, providing one-stop sales services from distribution to logistics.

The mobile APP of “Pin Hui 001” was officially launched, which marked an important step in the development of e-commence business. The Group also proactively explored other cooperation possibilities with other sizable online platforms in terms of online commerce. The enhanced cooperation with Jingdong Mall, T-mall, Vanguard and Amazon accelerated the Group’s e-commerce business development.


The Group officially launched “Internet + Strategy” to enhance the online and offline interaction through the diversified online sales platforms and foster online and offline integration in order to expand the sales network and improve services.

In the same year, the Group cooperated with Shunfeng Heike, an online and offline e-commerce platform operating under S.F. Express, following by other mainstream shopping platforms, namely Jingdong Mall and Yihaodian.

The Group’s sales platforms extended to TV shopping in cooperation with more than 10 famous TV shopping channels established.


The Group announced a strategic investment in Zhongjiu Shidai Winery (Beijing) Co., Ltd. to further expand its e-marketing channel and e-commerce market by making good use of “Zhong Jiu Wang” (, the first winery O2O platform in China, in order to form a business model of “Offline Chain Store + Moving E-commerce + Open Platform + Group Buying and Distribution”.

Silver Base Group was awarded the distributorship of Kweichow Moutai in Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Bulgaria, building its distribution capability in East Europe. In the same year, the Group launched 8 new middle and low end baijiu products jointly developed with Guizhou Yaxi Cellar to explore a wider market, and became the exclusive distributor of products under Red Fen Shijia series, as well as 8 products under Kweichow Moutai.


Silver Base Group successfully won the exclusive distribution right for a product under Guo Bao Daquanyuan produced by Jilin Daquanyuan in China. The wine brewing technique used by Jilin Daquanyuan was inscribed onto the national list of Intangible Cultural Heritage by the State Council in June 2008, making Jilin Daquanyuan the only bajiu brewing corporation with national intangible cultural heritage in Jilin Province.

E-commerce era began——Silver Base Group had leveraged its distribution network to plan, prepare and develop e-commerce.


Silver Base Group successfully won the global principal exclusive distributorship for 55% alcoholic content 40-year Qinghua Fen Wine and 55% alcoholic content Classic Guocang Fen Wine of Shanxi Xinghua Cun Fen Wine. Fen Wine was recognized as one of the top four Chinese wine.



Upholding its philosophy to remain innovative, Silver Base Group participated in a 2-year discussion with Luzhou Laojiao and assisted it in developing a new product with 43% alcoholic content under the bestselling “National Cellar 1573” series, making Luzhou Laojiao a more comprehensive brand with larger variety of products. A 10-year exclusive distribution right was hence given to the Group.


After a 3-year discussion, Silver Base Group successfully won the global exclusive distribution right of Yongfu Jianjiu, a soy-flavored Chinese liquor developed by Wuliangye Group with 10-year length product development. Despite the fierce competition with other distributors for the distributorship, Silver Base Group successfully satisfied all the ‬stringent requirements raised by Wuliangye Group by showing its healthy and strong financial position, extensive distribution network, global experience and strong brand building ability. Yongfu Jiangjiu, being recognized by the top selected baijiu tasting panel in China, would be one of the most important product for both Wuliangye Group and Silver Base Group in coming years.



Silver Base Group started listing on the main board of Hong Kong Stock Exchange.

The day of 8th‭ ‬April,‭ ‬2009‭ ‬marked the milestone of Silver Base‭ ‬Group’s 12‭ ‬years of development‭. ‬Silver Base‭ ‬Group successfully‭ ‬raised‭ ‬equity capital of‭ ‬HKD 1,035‭ ‬million through initial public offering on the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong‭. ‬The company’s shares were well‭ ‬perceived‭ ‬by the investors with 44‭ ‬times of‭ ‬oversubscription‭ ‬in the Hong Kong Public Offering Tranche‭.


The ‬Group‭ ‬expanded into‭ ‬fine and premium‭ ‬wine‭ ‬market on a strategical basis‭. ‬Leveraging on the existing distribution network‭, ‬Silver Base‭ Group ‬successfully rode on the booming wine market in China. ‬Wineries of 11‭ ‬leading wine producing‭ ‬countries‭, ‬be them‭ ‬“old world”‭ ‬or‭ ‬“new world”‭, ‬were excited to establish partnership with Silver Base‭ ‬Group‭ ‬to enter the China market‭.‬



Among the‭ existing ‬Wuliangye‭ ‬liquors‭ ‬of alcoholic content of 39%‭, ‬52%‭ ‬and 68%‭, ‬Silver Base Group‭, after an extensive market research, spotted the market potential of 40% products with its exceptional insight. The Group proposed Wuliangye Group to produce a new product and engaged in the whole campaign from nationwide marketing, packaging to product development.



Given its extraordinary performance in the past years, Silver Base Group was granted a 10-year exclusive distribution right of Wuliangye with 68% alcoholic content, a well-defined luxury product, in China.


The Group entered the whisky market and was awarded an exclusive distribution right of Dimple Whisky in duty-paid market in China (other than certain outlets). Dimple Whisky is produced by Scotland’s oldest Scotch whisky distiller, known as Haig, and 12-year, 15-year and 18-year old whisky are available. In the following year, the Group was also awarded the exclusive right of Dimple Whisky in duty-free market in China (other than certain outlets).



The Group awarded the 15-year exclusive distribution right of Hongtashan Premium Series


The Group successfully awarded the principal

After years of distribution channels development and marketing activities


The Group awarded the first non-exclusive distributorship of the Wuliangye Brand Series for the Southeast Asian market (Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines and Indonesia) and adopted long term strategies focusing on brand and channels development, as well as marketing activities, which gradually transformed from a trading company to a value-added distributor in alcoholic beverage industry.


Mr‭. ‬Liang Guoxing‭, ‬founder of Silver Base‭ ‬Group‭,‬‭ ‬engaged‭ ‬business with Wuliangye Group‭. ‬Within‭ ‬the same year‭, ‬relevant‭ ‬authority‭ ‬relaxed the pricing restrictions on Chinese‭ ‬liquors‭.‬‭ ‬Since then‭, ‬the prices of Chinese liquors have‭ ‬increased‭.‬