Company Culture


Strive to be the global leading high-end liquor products distributor by developing a rich product line with premium products as the core; continue to seek for innovative marketing and management strategies in order to pursue sustainable development and strengthen the solid market position as the first tier distributor in the industry.


To enrich high quality brands series

Currently, Silver Base has 20 premium products from 6 brands covering high, middle to low end markets, among which baijiu is positioned as the core product and other liquor products as second. Given the new consumption environment that online consumption is easily attainable, we will spare no efforts to extend our products lines by exploring more baijiu products and high quality overseas products; and also fully utilize our O2O sales network to deliver our products to more customers.

To inject more innovative sales and marketing elements

Innovation is a key driver to push a corporate forward. As a leading operator in China, in order to capture the huge opportunities and massive market demand, we will establish more sales channels, especially on internet sales channels, and inject more innovative marketing elements, such as mobile APPs and social media for creating an even high brand value.

To advocate social responsibility

Being a sizable liquor distributor, we advocate responsible and proper drinking attitude, which enables our winery business to grow healthily as well as lays a foundation for the development and penetration of Chinese liquors in different places.

To deepen corporate culture

Believing corporate culture as a pillar of underpinning corporate growth, we are devoted to promote our corporate culture as to draw our every of our staff closer. Each and every of our people is the propeller to move us go farther and faster. We sincerely hope to develop their enthusiasm in living and passion in working, enjoy the job and the mission to promote the culture of Chinese liquor.

Value – Our Objectives

Exemplary Service

We take pride in the quality of our work in striving for excellence

Corporate Social Responsibility

We encourage and support the responsible use of beverage alcohol in order to realize harmonious unity of the development of corporate, society and environment.


We take open, honest and fair attitude as the foundation of trust among our clients, partners and us.



We treat all individuals with fairness, dignity and respect.


We support one another to achieve corporate goals.


We encourage our people to find innovative and creative ways to improve our business.