Chairman’s Statement

The experience of culture, living value and lifestyle in liquor

“The success of Silver Base is attributed to our commitment in brand quality and fervent pursuit of tastes for customers. Being a leading premium liquor operator in China and international market as well as a listed company in Hong Kong Stock Exchange, we highly emphasize on maintaining our sustainability and outstanding corporate governance as a foundation to drive our growth in both China and overseas markets. We are also committed to be a responsible corporate to the society, our customers, partners and shareholders by introducing quality and reliable brands, innovative and delicate service and sales platforms as well as a growing sales network, in order to create greater corporate value for Silver Base, our customers and the society. The core business of Silver Base is to sell premium baijiu products, which inherited thousand years of cultural legacy of China, and to uphold the continuing pursuit of the culture, living value and lifestyle carried by our Chinese liquors, as it is the hearty flavor and passion behind in preserving its taste classic yet contemporary.”

Liang Guoxing