On 15 April 2014, representatives of Silver Base Group, together with fourteen Love Alliance Entrepreneurs (the “Charity Union”) visited the mountainous areas in Changning County, Yibin City, Sichuan Province and donated RMB200,000 to provide 1,050 sets of desks and chairs for the students of six local schools. The Charity Union gave over 100 sets of Dizi Gui (弟子規),10 sets of Sinology machines and 300 down jackets, and set up a scholarship of RMB6,000 for three impecunious students. The Charity Union also visited the Hope Primary School which was constructed in 2007, with the donation of RMB1 million from Chairman Liang Guoxing of Silver Base Group.

The charitable visit was the follow up of the special charity wine set menu offered by Silver Base Group to the Shanghai Love Alliance (上海愛心聯盟家人) in December 2013. During which, 5% of the proceeds from the set menu were donated to the Love Alliance Foundation to support charity activities.

Silver Base Group has been fully devoted in social responsibility. In addition to its active participation in the “Walkalong for Light” activity to help poor cataract patients to regain sight, the Group also donated RMB520,000 to the charity auction for the “Mother Reservoir” Project to help improve the living environment of people in the Western China. Looking ahead, the Group will continue to participate in charity activities and make contributions to the society.