Silver Base Group Holdings Limited (“Silver Base Group”/ the “Group”) is pleased to announce that Dr. Liang Guoxing (“Dr. Liang”), the founder, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the Group, was honored with the 13th World Outstanding Chinese Award by the World Chinese Business Investment Foundation and the United World Chinese Association. Dr. Liang was also awarded an honorary doctorate by Northern University. The award ceremony was held at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre on 4 May 2013.

This Year, 26 outstanding Chinese in Greater China were honored. For years, Dr. Liang has been dedicated to promote the culture of Chinese white liquor (“Baijiu”). With his passion for Baijiu and over 10 years experience in liquor and tobacco business as well as his outstanding leadership, he does not only lead Silver Base Group to grow, but also help to bring Baijiu to the world.

Dr. Liang stated, “Silver Base Group will continue to grow. With the implementation of expansion and product diversification strategies, Silver Base Group will further optimize and consolidate our current resources and strive to further enhance our brand value. Silver Base Group will maintain its market advantages, continue to be innovative, actively explore new profit growth momentum and further strengthen the performance management system. In addition to achieving better sales performance, we will also focus on our social responsibility and continue to promote Baijiu.”

The “World Outstanding Chinese Award” was launched by the World Chinese Business Investment Foundation in 2003 and jointly organized by the United World Chinese Association. More than one hundred individuals were awarded in the past 13 years for their great contributions to the Chinese society and thenation.