Silver Base Group Holdings Limited (the “Group”) held the 2012 Distributor Conference (the “Conference”) at Sheraton Sanya Resort on 26 August 2012. Approximate 500 distributors from nationwide attended the Conference.

The Conference was dedicated to attract elites for further development and cooperation to achieve win-win relationship. Our Chairman, Mr. Liang Guoxing, our Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Guan Huanfei, and our General Manager, Mr. Wu Xiaoming, gave speeches to address the Group’s future development plans and strategies. The Group will further strengthen, deepen and optimise the collaboration with our business partners; continue to improve our capability in strategic planning, manpower allocation, marketing planning, information communication, sales channels preservation and sales efficiency management to keep enhancing the Group’s market leading position and to provide better services to our business partners.

With outstanding sales performances, 23 distributors were awarded as “Outstanding Distributor” and “Best Strategic Partner” by the Group at the Conference.