Silver Base Group Holdings Limited (“Silver Base” or the “Group”, Stock Code: 886) is pleased to announce that the Group has been received “Outstanding Relationship Management Award”(卓越關係管理獎) from the Asian College of Knowledge Management. Mr. Liang Guoxing, Chairman of Silver Base has also been awarded as one of the “Outstanding Asian Knowledge Leaders”(亞洲知識領袖獎).

The Group is principally engaged in the distribution of high-premium liquors, including Wuliangye, Yongfu Jiangjiu, National Cellar 1573 with 43% alcohol content, Guizhou Yaxi baijiu with 38% and 52% alcohol content, 40-year Qinghua Fen Wine with 55% alcohol content and Classic Guocang Fen Wine with 55% alcohol content of Shanxi Xinghuacun Fen Wine. The Group also offers a hundred of wine varieties from countries around the world. It has well-established sales network and extensive marketing channels, forming a two-way operation platform in all main cities in China and overseas.

The Group is strong in developing and fully utilizing its marketing capability, adding value to its services, which include gift delivery service across China, and also provides an e-commerce platform for one-stop sales services. Looking ahead, the Group will continue to enhance its sales team’s capability to market a full range of products, step up the horizontal development of the marketing system, expand its image store network nationwide, increase its domestic coverage and strengthen its leading position.

Leveraging his excellent leadership and liquor expertise, Mr. Liang strives to establish a nationwide and international sales network as well as marketing channels for the Group. He succeeds in distributing renowned Wuliangye and other high-end Chinese liquors in major Greater China cities, and promoting well-known, high quality wines in the domestic market and leading the Group to new heights. Mr. Laing also shows great care for the development of his home town and community, promoting investment in Zhanjiang whilst participating in social services and donating to charities.