The Group’s product “Yongfu Jiangjiu” has recently been awarded the “New Technological Innovation on Chinese Liquor Product” by China Alcoholic Drinks Industry Association, ranking a score of 94.9 points for the first prize.

Yongfu Jiangjiu, is the first “soy flavor fragrance” (Chinese liquor) of Wuliangye over a decade of fermentation and preparation. It has been highly recommended by wine experts and cities throughout the PRC. Yongfu Jiangjiu has been launched by Silver Base in the first 12 months especially with its three new innovative techniques and high quality. Yongfu Jiangjiu has adopted three specific brewing methods characterised by “unified grain steeping and steaming, wrapped in high-temperature starter and 10-year storage”. Such methods enable steaming thirty five tons of grains each time, making it noble, fine, smooth and mellow for the quality of fine wine. In addition, Yongfu Jiangjiu, is a type of “limpid and slightly yellowish in color with strong soy-flavor, exhibiting exquisite, thick and long finishing”, a combination of traditional know-how and modern industrial production that forms an outstanding soy-flavor wine.