Silver Base Group opened of its first Wuliangye Flagship Store in Hong Kong on 6 December 2010. The 2,000 sq. ft. Wuliangye Flagship Store is strategically located at Shop A-B, 144-149 Gloucester Road, Wanchai and adjacent to the Group’s Hong Kong headquarters, providing local logistics support to the sales within the region. Wanchai hosts the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center and a cluster of sizeable PRC enterprises and banks, which represent a tremendous potential for group purchasing. Silver Base intends to promote Wuliangye to a wider market in Hong Kong and increase its sales through the Flagship Store.

Hong Kong’s first Wuliangye Flagship Store will not only strengthen the liquor’s brand status in Hong Kong and international markets but also deepen Silver Base’s sales channels, helping to form a nation-wide sales network for the Group. This is an important step in the expansion of the Group’s business, further reinforcing its market leader role.

Chairman of Silver Base Group, Mr. Liang Guoxing, and the senior managements of Wuliangye Group, including the President of Wuliangye Group and Chairman of Wuliangye Company Ltd., Mr. Tang Qiao, the Executive Director of Wuliangye Group and Chairman of Wuliangye Import and Export Company, Mr. Liu Zhongguo, and the Manager of Wuliangye Group Office, Mr. Tang Bochao and the Manager of Image Store Division of Wuliangye Group, Mr. Li Shaobo, have joined the event and officiated the ceremony. The Executive President of China Construction Bank Hong Kong Branch, Mr. Zhang Min, and over 100 guests including media, investors and Silver Base’s customers were also present to make a lively scene.