Silver Base grandly held Wine Tasting Night at its “Mobility Exhibition Showroom” in Eurasia International Hotel in Changping on 12 November 2010.

Silver Base officially launched the first “Mobility Exhibition Showroom” at Eurasia International Hotel in Changping since October 2010. The “Mobility Exhibition Showroom” will be displayed in other venues such as Shenzhen, Zhuhai, Guangxi and Guangzhou etc. The major features of “Mobility Exhibition Showroom” are finding new members for image stores, offering product training to regional product managers, exploring new customers to stabilize sales growth, and acting as a showcase of all our products including red wines from 9 countries namely Argentina, Australia, Chile, France, Greece, Italy, New Zealand, Portugal and Spain, Dimple Whisky and numerous premium Chinese liquors to our distributors in the regions. The “Mobility Exhibition Showroom” is a fantastic and convenient way for wine tasting event.

Mr. Jean Baptise, a winery representative from France, supported the event by introducing the winery (Ch. Lauransanne and the wine La Fondation D’Argent) and explaining the characteristics of French wines. Wine Director from Silver Base Group, Christina Tang, shared her experience of appreciating red wines with guests. Staff from Wine Department, Investor Relations Department, Image Stores Department and senior management also attended the event. Many guests approached our “Mobility Exhibition Showroom” to ask for wine information and enjoyed this great Wine Tasting Night.